Graphic Design

We'll name your company, design your logo, take care of your corporate identity in full, handle all of your desktop publishing and so much more.

Business Naming

If you're a start-up, we'll name your business for you.

Corporate Identity

From business cards to letterheads, we'll take care of it all.

Desktop Publishing

We'll handle all of your graphic design for your off-line advertising.

Learn about our Graphic Design services.

Graphic design NYC includes but is not limited too logo design, corporate identity such as letterheads, envelopes, business cards, stamps, stickers, t-shirts, folders and much more. Most graphic design related work is for "print", but most of these materials can be used on the web as well.

While you won't be able to purchase logos from us for $49.99, you can from others. The difference is not only in the design or the quality, it has to do with the way the materials are delivered. When you buy a logo for a "cheap" price, it's likely only good for web and nothing else. Furthermore, we deliver multiple concepts with our logo design packages. Additionally, we provide you with all of the source files as well as final preparation in PDF format. You'll be able to take the files to your local printer or send a PDF to an online printer and have your materials printed. Whichever online printer you decide to use, we'll prepare the necessary files according to their requirements and specifications.

When we design a logo for you, it can be used on anything from your website, to a business card and all the way to a billboard.

On top of general graphic design NYC work for print or web, we can also handle any and all illustrations as well as animations. We are expert 2-D and 3-D illustrators and animators. Whatever it is that you need drawn or animated, we can handle it all. From custom caricatures, symbols, complex illustrators, 3-D characters, buildings, you name it; our NYC graphic designer can handle it.

As with our custom website design NYC and development, most of our graphic design pricing is standardized, which you can find below.

Give us a call at +1 888-973-0229 to learn more about Graphic Design. Contact Us

Pricing 1 Concept 2 Concept 3 Concept 4 Concept
Logo Design
Custom Logo Design x x $600.00 x
Additional Custom Logo Design Concept $200.00 x x x
Basic Logo Manual [Colors, Typography & Specs] $375.00 x x x
Complex Logo Manual $100.00/Hour x x x
Corporate Identity
Letterhead x $300.00 x x
Envelope x $300.00 x x
Business Card x $300.00 x x
Business Card [Additional Person] $45.00 x x x
Stamp x $250.00 x x
Folder $90.00/Hour x x x
Naming * x x $800.00 x
Desktop Publishing [DTP]
Credit, Club & Loyalty Card $800.00 x x x
Billboard Design x $800.00 x x
Magazine Ad x $600.00 x x
Roll-Up x $800.00 x x
Catalog [Front, Back & Inside Cover] x $800.00 x x
Cover Design x $950.00 x x
Icon Design $100.00 x x x

* Naming: While naming is not graphic design, it does fall under our branding services.

Give us a call at +1 888-973-0229 to learn more about Graphic Design. Contact Us

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