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Giant Owl is your one-stop-shop for everything related to Internet marketing and development and is made up of consultants, designers, artists and expert developers; not salespeople.

Honesty & Integrity

That's right, everything we do at Giant Owl is with honesty and integrity.

Personal Support & Service

We cater to our clients twenty-four-seven. We are always available.

Quality High-End Work

Everything we do is high-end. Consider us the Rolls-Royce of all things web.

Who is Giant Owl?

Giant Owl is made up of a small group of talented individuals. Each of us started back in 1998 in a small office in Manhattan's garment district. At that time, we built websites for nearly every company in the D&D Building, had dealings with Nicole Miller, Hoboken Floors and even delivered a proposal to Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. at their main office in Connecticut. Since that time, we have grown as individuals and formed what we are known as today, Giant Owl.

Additionally, we have worked with companies and built websites for Rob Van Petten, Cliff Young, LTD., Fine Arts Furniture and Creative Engineering, Inc., one of the biggest event fabricators in the country. In fact, one of the first websites we built in 1998 is still online, which you can view by clicking here. We know, it's old school but that was the "thing" back in 1998. Let's not forget, we're talking about fifteen years ago.

We have worked with hundreds upon hundreds of companies, which is a clear indication of our experience. We are the best advertising agency in NYC around and can handle your local, nationwide and worldwide business.

Giant Owl is a small business that pays great attention to each and every one of its clients. Support is available to all of our clients twenty-four-seven. We are a tight-knit group of artists, developers, copywriters, producers, programmers, marketing experts and overall a great group of people. We believe in being committed to our clients; both big and small.

We are happy to say that we don't have hundreds of employees putting a financial strain on our business and are most definitely a profitable business, which we tend to keep up in the future.

Why choose Giant Owl?

The short version? Because we're honest and that's hard to find. We don't take on every bit of business that comes our way just to increase "numbers", that's not why we're here. We do what's right for our clients, even if that means turning away their business because we don't think a certain product or approach will work for them.

Remember, we're not another "agency"; we are consultants. We would rather make a hundred dollars per month profit from a client and keep them with us for ten years than a quick thousand dollars and keep them for a few months. We do what's right and will guide you down the right path, making the most out of every dollar you spend with us.

What makes Giant Owl so different?

A thousand little things make Giant Owl different but here are the main reasons why we feel that we stand out from the crowd.

Call up anyone of our competitors and you'll end up dealing with a "salesperson" that will try to sell you everything and anything. They won't consult you, that's for sure. They won't advise you that Search Engine Optimization might not be right for you because your business is seasonal; they will just take your money and drain every dollar out of your company until you can't afford the service anymore. That is how nearly all "marketing agencies" work these days. They have flooded the market and put a sour taste in the mouths of business owners; both big and small.

Most, if not all of our competitors will place you in a long-term contract for Search Engine Optimization and even Search Engine Marketing. We do not. If something is not working for you, we want you to stop. We stay on top of your advertising campaigns, review the results daily, come up with new strategies and so much more.

We adhere to a schedule and deliver as promised; always. If you have Giant Owl build a custom website for you and we provide you with scheduled dates on when to expect certain phases of development to be completed, we will deliver as promised. If we tell you that we're going to call you, we call you.

When you call Giant Owl, you don't deal with any salesperson, period. You deal with experienced individuals; experienced in every single aspect of the business.

Does Giant Owl have references?

We have plenty of references, which are available upon request to serious potential clients only. As you can see on our website, we don't list all of the websites we have worked on or our clients because what we do for them should be considered private and we don't feel that the public is privy to such information.

We don't have telemarketers, we don't SPAM; nor do we solicit for business.

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