Online Reputation Management

Is your online reputation poor? Victim of non-credible reviews or comments? Giant Owl can help you with your Online Reputation Management needs so continue reading to learn more.

Analyze Online Reputation

We will research your name or brand and come up with a game-plan.

Start Negative SEO

We will start the process and demote the necessary websites.

Monitor Results & Maintain

Once completed, we will monitor the results daily and maintain them.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management is also commonly referred too as ORM, negative Search Engine Optimization or negative SEO. Online Reputation Management is the process of cleaning up your reputation online and "demoting" websites where the negativity is posted.

This service is somewhat similar to NYC SEO with two main differences. For starters, work would be performed on multiple websites and not just one. The number of websites depends on how "bad" your reputation is. Secondly, NYC online reputation management is not nearly as difficult or competitive as going after general search terms because one's name or brand is typically not competitive at all.

There are many reasons why one would want to clean up their reputation. For starters, and this is very unfortunate, most online reviews on Google+ Local, general websites or other unmoderated websites are fictitious. More times than not, your company has done business with another company, things didn't go exactly as planned and the other party flies off the handle, doesn't think and leaves some type of negative review or comment about you or your business, which cannot be removed. Eventually things work out with this other party but it's too late and now you're left with a bad review with a simple apology.

Perhaps that is not your situation. Maybe you had a troubled past; made some mistakes and you have some negative press out there on media-related websites and you don't want them to affect future business.

Regardless of your situation, Giant Owl can help with your NYC ORM needs.

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Answers to Common Questions

Here you'll find answers to the questions we're asked the most. If you have not found the answer to a particular question; give us a call. We're here to help; not force you into "buying".

How much is Online Reputation Management monthly?

When it comes to Online Reputation Management, the fee is not monthly. We will analyze your reputation, offer a solution in a proposal to you with a flat fee.

Just like Search Engine Optimization, the fee cannot be predefined. We first have to evaluate how bad your reputation is and figure out the amount of time it will take to clean things up.

Do you have to sign a contract?

Absolutely not. As with all of our other products, there are no contracts.

How long before my name or brand is "cleaned up"?

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered until we evaluate your online reputation. In most cases, it doesn't take long at all. This all depends on the type of websites the comments or reviews about you are posted on, the credibility of those sites and a gazillion other factors. That's right, we said gazillion because it's the truth.

Will your service prevent future negative comments from being posted?

Definitely not because we cannot premeditate what people are going to post on websites, blogs or public forums in the future. In most cases we will flood Google with results based on the desired search query. That is generally enough to keep future postings from appearing on Google's first page results. However, if a user goes to a review-based website such as Google+ Local or Yelp, there is not much that can be done to prevent that.

The best way to keep your reputation clear in the future is to work things out with your customers. If you have any negative press out there, rebut it publicly and try to work things out.

Will you clear my reputation regardless of the situation?

Unfortunately not. While we do not play "judge, jury and executioner" when it comes to your situation, we try to only clear the reputations of those that are deserving.

If we find that what we read about your reputation online is true and accurate, we likely won't take your project on. If you were a masked-murderer in the past; hopefully you'd be in jail, but if not, we would not clear your reputation. There are certain things the public has the right to know.

Again, this is all taken on a case-by-case basic and it's nearly impossible for us to answer this question until we know and understand your circumstances.

Give us a call at +1 888-973-0229 to learn more about Online Reputation Management. Contact Us

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